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Oh, so sweet  high bush blueberries, naturally grown with no pesticides or chemicals. Located smack dab in the Michigan Fruit Belt.





The season started early and ended  early. Because of the rain and heat, the jersey crop was very limited this year.


YOU CAN STILL BUY FROZEN BERRIES AT OUR BANGOR FARM… located at 61687 34th Ave from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the next week or so. Cost is $25 for 5 lbs of Naturally Grown ( no pesticides) berries. Also, you can sign up on line at the link at the top of this page for  a monthly supply of winter frozen blueberries. 



“Good Feelings” – our new ice cream

When you want to feel good on a down day…or feel better on a good day, you know that ice cream is the answer! And recognizing that, Joe’s Blues has introduced it’s newest product – Michigan made vanilla ice cream infused with our wonderful, low sugar blueberry preserves.

 Nothing artificial here, just wonderful not-too-sweet delicious summer ice cream. It’s available at Green City Market and at our farm markets in Bangor and Gobles, MI. We partnered with Mooville Dairy in Nashville, Mi north of Battle Creek to create what we think is the best blueberry ice cream ever.  It reinforces our philosophy that you can’t afford not to offer your customers the best!

Bike to the Farm… and Save

Daniel’s on the trail to some great blueberry picking this summer.   He’s planning a bike trip with his friends along the KalHaven Trail, an old railroad right-of-way that is now a Michigan State Park and runs from Kalamazoo to South Haven. 

Just before Gobles, he’ll find a sign directing him to the Joe’s Blues Farm near 29th street and he’ll take a detour to do some serious blueberry picking and load up his backpack. And because he rode in on a bike, all those naturally grown blueberries will be half price.  Here’s a link to the trail: Kal Haven Trail.

New this Summer from Joe’s Blues: BLUEBERRY PASSPORT

Joes Blues Blueberry PassportFor the first time ever, you can get a Joe’s Blues 2017 BLUEBERRY PASSPORT to pick fresh blueberries all summer long at any of our five farms in SW Michigan.

Your pass will allow you pick as many pounds of blueberries as you wish from early July through August.

When you sign-up, you will receive your personal ID passport that admits you to any of our farms in the South Haven – Kalamazoo area.

Our u-pick usually costs around $3/lb for delicious, naturally grown (no pesticide/no bad chemical) berries. So, if you pick 33 pounds, you’ve already covered the regular price.

This new annual pass provides great value.

OPTION A –PASSPORT PLUS (Unlimited picking)

Passport Option:

  • One Adult – $100
  • One Adult/One Child – $125
  • Two Adults – $150


  • FAMILY PASS – $100 +s 50 cents/per pound (Unlimited picking)

This is a great opportunity to load up for the coming year while you’re enjoying your summer days and weeks in Southwest Michigan.

Give a taste of summer…

CERT_OWN2Blueberry Bush Rental

Give someone a magical summer experience – their own numbered blueberry bush at our Bangor or Gobles farms. We’ll email a custom certificate and note naming you as a sender. Or…. get one for yourself!

Click here to order!



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