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Oh, so sweet  high bush blueberries, naturally grown with no pesticides or chemicals. Located smack dab in the Michigan Fruit Belt.

We’re Still Picking in Breedsville…


Pop Up Picking – Visit our “Elliott”  field in Breedsville.
Breedsville is the legendary town where Stanley Johnson adapted the blueberry bush for SW Michigan. For a short time, you can pick at Alfred Speers farm, one of our partner farms located adjacent to the old Stanley Johnson experimental plots. Alfred’s elliott field is located on C.R. 380, just East of C. R. 681 between Breedsville and Bangor. Hurry, the picking won’t last long.  Stop by at our Bangor Farm (see “Directions” link above) to pick up buckets.
The bushes you’ll be picking from are “elliotts”, a cultivar famed for its late season beauty and taste. I don’t know about you, but everybody named “Elliott”, I’ve ever known is interesting- the late singer Elliott Smith, the actor Elliott Gould, my liberal-to-a fault friend, Elliott Z – all of them so interesting. And the elliott blueberry bush is in that same league…. beautiful, tart, but with a tendency to sweeten with age.  
Our jersey season was cut short because of the heat wave. Last year it was the spotted wing drosphilia. what next!  

  The Bangor and Gobles farms are  finished for the year, but we  have a limited amount of 5 lb boxes  of freshly frozen  berries from this year’s harvest ready to go at our Bangor site.. These are naturally grown blueberries….no harmful pesticides or chemicals are ever applied, only those approved by the USDA organic program.

Special Treats

rentalBlueberry Bush Rental – Give someone a magical summer experience – their own numbered blueberry bush at one of our Bangor or Gobles farms. We’ll mail/email a custom certificate and note naming you as a sender. Or…. get one for yourself!




Grand Junction, Michigan blueberry farmer Dave Harn is one of five farmers who have made the transition to growing his blueberries with organic methods as part of a two-year grant to Moss Funnel Farms (Joe’s Blues) by the USDA’s SARE Research program. Dave tells his story  in a YouTube video.  Want more info on going organic> You can contact Joe at 269-206-2926 or write us a sales@joesblueberries.com.


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