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Oh, so sweet… Jersey high bush blueberries, naturally grown with no pesticides or chemicals. Located smack dab in the Michigan Fruit Belt.

Help Keep the “Blues” Alive!

WE HAVE LAUNCHED  a campaign to Revive Joe’s Blues. Two years of bad weather and a destructive pest named “SWD” (spotted wing drosophila) have delivered a mean punch to our majestic blueberry plants and made it urgent for us to strengthen our fields.
YOU know how good “Joe’s Blues” are – both fresh and frozen. Please help us. With your support, we can do it. And there are some great Perks – from fresh/frozen berries all the way up to a magical summer dinner at the farm next August.
WE KNOW  naturally grown Joe’s Blues are an important part of your healthy food plan, and you know they are so much better tasting than the “blahberries” at the store. Help us with an investment in the future of the farm. It will insure you have the “Blues” for years to come.
Thank you for your support,
Joe and Frank

                                        Find Out More at  Campaign Site

What are you doing for berries this Fall?

Those Joe’s Blues  in the freezer didn’t last as long as you expected?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you  covered. A couple of possibilities – go to “Place an Order” link at the top of this page and sign-up for our great Winter CSA in the Chicagoland area. Lots of monthly pick-up places.

Need them right now? Go to the link above titled “Where to Buy” which lists locations in SW Michigan and the Chicago area where you can  get them today. 

And, you can buy directly from us at winter markets sponsored by Chicago’s Green City Market and Faith in Place’s Naperville Market on November 22.. We will also be at the Texas Township holiday market near Kalamazoo on November 21. 


Grand Junction, Michigan blueberry farmer Dave Harn is one of five farmers who have made the transition to growing his blueberries with organic methods as part of a two-year grant to Moss Funnel Farms (Joe’s Blues) by the USDA’s SARE Research program. Dave tells his story  in a YouTube video.  For more information, contact Joe at 269-206-2926 or write us a sales@joesblueberries.com.


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