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Oh, so sweet… Jersey high bush blueberries, naturally grown with no pesticides or chemicals. Located smack dab in the Michigan Fruit Belt.

Grow Your Own Blueberries

You can still obtain outstanding blueberry bushes this spring. These are 2-3 foot blueberry bushes in two gallon containers, which will have fruit this year. They are available for purchase at Green Home Experts in Oak Park. Check their website for location and contact information.

Click here for  planting instructions



Rent your own Blueberry Bush for Next Summer

Rent your own Blueberry Bush for summer 2015. Only $35.  Also makes a great Christmas present or  birthday gift.  Each certificate is numbered to correspond to a specific plant at our Bangor, Michigan farm. Owners are guaranteed at least 12 pounds of blueberries during the coming season. You can visit and pick as often as you like. Can’t get there? We can deliver or ship fresh berries to you. Click here for details and to order now.

Weather pointing to on-time opening…


   photo 2[1]
Looks like we will be opening up soon after July 4 for u-pick at two of our farms (see below).  Also,  we’re hoping to get our CSA up and running around July 15.  

  •  Expanded U-pick in the Kalamazoo area – We will again working with Amy and Jody, the granddaughters and grand nieces of legendary blueberry growers Frank and Joe (coincidence?) Kovach as their farm continues to offer naturally grown blue crop  and jersey U-pick, just a few miles outside Kalamazoo near Kendall. Come  pick and visit our new farm market there. More info to come
  • New early U-pick near South Haven – We’ll have a new u-pick facility just north of Grand Junction where you’ll be able to pick juicy blue crop berries just after July 4.
  • Late picking – we’ll also have some versatile, late season elliotts for picking come late next summer to give you a chance to grab some great late season berries near Bangor.
  • Brand of Farmers – we will continuing working with a half dozen small farms like ourselves committed to going organic so we can bring a large number of naturally grown frozen premium berries to new markets in the Midwest.
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