Moss Funnel Farms

Mos Funnel Farms, home to Joe’s Blues blueberries, opened in 2009 near Bangor , MI, three hours from Chicago or Detroit by car. The five-acre farm has almost 1400 Jersey high bush blueberry plants on a picturesque setting. The plants, over fifty years old, are destined for hand picking. A unique feature of the farm is a program where people can rent their own blueberry bush for the season. Moss Funnel Farms is making a long-term commitment to running a “green” blueberry business. We want to be sustainable growers,

This past summer we turned half our crop into a “no pesticide zone.” This coming year we will expand the no pesticide policy to the entire farm and we will be using the minimum amount of chemicals for fertilizing

We’re lucky because we have strong healthy, 60-year old Jersey blueberries and we are doing things like natural weed control – pulling them out by hand – rather than applying chemicals.

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