Joe’s Blues’ CSA FAQ

What is it?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  CSA’s are arrangements that allow local people  to get fresh fruits and vegetables from nearby farms. The farms deliver weekly to designated  pick-up points during the growing season. 

What about  the Joe’s Blues CSA? 

Joe’s CSA was started for the 2013 season to provide fresh Michigan-grown, jersey blueberries during the July-August season.  Deliveries to nine Chicago locations will start around mid-July and  and extend thru mid-August.

What’s unique about  this CSA?

It’s the first one just for blueberries, that we  know of. It was started because a number of people in the Chicago metro area were looking for a steady supply of these special blueberries during the growing season. It is also hopefully going to be the basis for a year round CSA which will include a new line of frozen blueberries this cominng  fall.

What’s special about Joe’s Blues?

If you’ve tasted those cardboard-tasting imports available during off-season times, you already know there are real differences in fresh blueberries.  Joe’s Blues, from Moss Funnel Farms in Bangor, Michigan,  are medium-sized, sweet berries grown organically – with no pesticides or chemicals.   They are simply among the best blueberries you can buy.

How do they come?

The most popular options are  boxes of five and ten pounds delivered for either three or four weeks during season, but single, one-time orders are also available. The folks hosting our pick-ups are real blueberry lovers and some host  other CSA’s as well. Pick-ups are on Wednesdays, usually from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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