Michigan Farm Rents Out Blueberry Bushes

The owners, Joe and Frank Corrado, believe their blueberry bush rental program in Southwest Michigan’s fruit belt is a new step forward that speaks to the intense interest people have today in connecting with their food supply.

Bush renters pay $35 and are guaranteed up to 12 pounds of yield from 60-year old heirloom organic jersey high bush blueberries at Moss Funnel Farms in Bangor, Michigan, between the lakeshore resort town of South Haven and Kalamazoo.

The jersey berries are expected to be ready in early to mid-July, During the warm and dry 2012 season berries came in earlier. Grower Joe Corrado says buyers who can’t make it up to the farm will be able to have their berries picked, packed and shipped for an additional fee. Jersey blueberries are rarely available in stores because of their smaller size, but  are known for their extra sweetness.

“We decided to do this to give people a greater sense of involvement and ownership in the farming process,” said Frank Corrado. “We want to help them understand what they’re eating and all the steps involved. The Corrados say they are committed to getting the farm as close to organic as they can. “We’re trying to run a sustainable farm,” said Joe Corrado.

Hours for the farm are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday thru Saturday, and Noon to 5 p.m. on Sundays during the season. The farm is located at 61687 34th Avenue in Bangor, MI.

Southwest Michigan is the nation’s blueberry capital and produces one-third of the country’s high bush crop.

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