New this Summer from Joe’s Blues: BLUEBERRY PASSPORT

Joes Blues Blueberry PassportFor the first time ever, you can get a Joe’s Blues 2017 BLUEBERRY PASSPORT to pick fresh blueberries all summer long at any of our five farms in SW Michigan.

Your pass will allow you pick as many pounds of blueberries as you wish from early July through August.

When you sign-up, you will receive your personal ID passport that admits you to any of our farms in the South Haven – Kalamazoo area.

Our u-pick usually costs around $3/lb for delicious, naturally grown (no pesticide/no bad chemical) berries. So, if you pick 33 pounds, you’ve already covered the regular price.

This new annual pass provides great value.

OPTION A –PASSPORT PLUS (Unlimited picking)

Passport Option:

  • One Adult – $100
  • One Adult/One Child – $125
  • Two Adults – $150


  • FAMILY PASS – $100 +s 50 cents/per pound (Unlimited picking)

This is a great opportunity to load up for the coming year while you’re enjoying your summer days and weeks in Southwest Michigan.

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