Many Changes for 2013

It seemed like all of a sudden – after snows, rains and cold snaps – there it was: Spring. May in the fruit belt, after what always seems like too long a winter – is frantic. Trailers hauling equipment everywhere, tractors slowing traffic on back country roads, the sun playing hide and seek every day – wonderful.

Our spring started on May 1 when our new intern, Justin Alexander, flew in from Snohomish, Washington to join Joe and help trim bushes and lop off weeds, especially sassafras. We had more work to do this year with the addition of a new field nearby that has doubled our size. And that field the first week of May was so full of water swans were swimming in it.

Just a few days into the month, we received a truck load of erector set parts – our new 30  75 foot hoop tunnel – a giant greenhouse -to assemble. What was supposed to be a three day job, stretched into a full week. Thankfully, help from recently retired math teacher Jerry Nelson, from Western Springs, and Kevin Henthorn, from Lisle, provided the extra ooomph we needed tto get the job finished.  That hoop tunnel has become our Joe’s new lab to experiment on new naturally grown products.

He already has planted super-nutritious blue potatoes in our  back field and is trying out some new naturally grown vegetables.

Also underway is our new CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) which, with the help of a small army of blueberry crazies like ourselves, will provide nine pick-up points around the Chicago area for this summer’s season.

As June was arriving, work was beginning on a new Farm Market store with interesting new products and we were looking forward to a mid-July opening of Moss Funnel Farms – a chance to connect with our customers.

June Progress Report

Two days of slow rain at the start of June. Perfect for fattening up the berries!  It’s going to be an early season because of the warm spring and we’re in the fields now chopping down the weeds and spraying organic potions to keep down the bugs and fungi.  The fields are full. It looks like a potentially great harvest. The county extension agent, Mark Longstrath, tells us he expects that our jersey bushes will be ready the second week of July and our earlier varieties in mid-June and late-June.

Have a Bright, Blue Xmas

At the farm, the snow is as high as our hopes for the coming year and our good wishes for you. Have a bright blue Xmas! Joe and Frank

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