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Why Joe’s Blues blueberries are so special

Join our monthly winter CSA, and get FIVE  pounds each month, October thru June

Finally, great tasting blueberries all year long. Tired of “blahberries” – those cardboard tasting “fresh” blueberries in the winter or generic frozen berries? Try Joe’s new Premium Frozen Blueberries, the same ones you get in summer from our farm in Michigan. Like those summer berries, Joe’s Premium Frozen are grown naturally – no chemicals or pesticides used.

Frozen BluesGet a  5-Pound Box of Frozen “Blues” Every Mont with our Winter CSA

Hey, hardcore blueberry lovers – We offer  a 5 lb box of frozen blueberries for your monthly pick-up.

These are sweet, fresh frozen blueberries, naturally grown with zero pesticides or harmful chemicals.


Pickup Locations:
Choose from 7 pickup locations: Andersonville / Bridgeport  / Evanston / Lincoln Park / Lincolnshire / Lisle / Lombard / Palatine Pick-Up Dates for 2017-18:

  • 10/18/17
  • 11/15/17
  • 12/13/17
  • 1/17/18
  • 2/14/18
  • 3/14/18
  • 4/18/18
  • 5/16/18
  • 6/13/18 


Blueberry Bush Rental (2018 Season)

Blueberry Bush Rental: $35
Pick from your own numbered blueberry bush at our farm – 12 pounds guaranteed.

Name to appear on certificate

NEW! Blueberry Vinegar Sea Salt

Blueberry Vinegar Sea SaltA unique, new taste that’s ready to top anything: from a crusty baguette topped with creamy butter to that special seafood topping . Taking salt to a new level, it’s got as many uses and you can think up.

Blueberry Vinegar Sea Salt – $5 each

Pick-Up Location:

NEW! Dried Raw Blueberries

Dried BlueberriesReach in and grab an unsweetened, healthy snack, use them in baking, or toss them over salads. They’re loaded with dietary fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Dried Raw Blueberries – $6 per container

Pick-Up Location:

NEW! Blueberry Mountain Soap

Blue Mountain SoapThink, if you will, about the most beautiful and fragrant bar of soap you can imagine and here it is – new Blueberry Mountain Soap developed for Joe’s Blues by the Very Good Soap Co. in Zion, IL. Ingredients also include” shea butter, goats milk, plus palm oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Blueberrry Mountain Soap – $8 each

Pick-Up Location:

NEW! Good Feelings Ice Cream

Mooville Creamery in Nashville, MI, just north of Battle Creek, has been named Michigan’s Best Ice Cream place by Food Network. Mooville also just happens to also be the packagers of Joe’s Blues wonderful blueberry-vanilla ice cream, which we call “Good Feelings.” Available in pints for $8.

Good Feelings Ice Cream – $8/pint

Pick-Up Location:


Joe's Blues Blueberry PreservesWe’ll help you take sugar out of your diet this year:

Our “no sugar” preserves – Zero sugar, zero artificial sweeteners. Blueberries with only a touch of lemon. That’s it! Available through our CSA.

A Touch Of Honey” Preserves and “Pie in a Jar” Preserves –blueberries with just a little bit of honey.

You can order any of these products and pick them up at our monthly CSA stops. Any one of them is $8.

“No Sugar” Blueberry Preserves – $8 each

Pick-Up Location:

“A Touch of Honey” Blueberry Preserves – $8 each

Pick-Up Location:

“Pie in a Jar” Blueberry Preserves – $8 each

Pick-Up Location:

Ship Any Three (3) Preserves (US Only)- $10


Winter CSA: Option A

Five (5) Pounds/Month for Three (3) Months – Only $75
15 pounds]

Pick-Up Location:

Winter CSA: Option B

Five (5) Pounds/Month for Six (6) Months – Only $145
[30 pounds]

Pick-Up Location:

Winter CSA: Option C

Five (5) Pounds/Month for Nine (9) Months – Only $215
[45 pounds]

Pick-Up Location:

Winter CSA: Option D – Frozen Berry Sampler

Five [5] Pounds – One Time – Any Month. A Great Gift! – Only $30

Pick-Up Location:


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