Help Keep the Blues Alive: Save the Joe’s Blues Farm

Joe's Blues Revival

Greetings and thanks for taking the time to learn more about our cause. I’m Joe Corrado, both farmer at and owner of Joe’s Blues, producer of some of the sweetest blueberries the Midwest has ever tasted.

Believe it or not, growing blueberries, or really any sort of fruit or vegetable with organic methods is not an easy process. Aside from maintaining a healthy supply of water, soil nutrients, and creating, gathering, and distributing natural fertilizers, we have a new issue to worry about—an invasion of the highly destructive Spotted Wing Drosophila.

“What the heck is a ‘Spotted Wing Drosophila’,” you might ask. Well, we were wondering the exact same thing!

Joe's Blues Revival

It turns out that it’s a little fly from the West that has absolutely wreaked havoc on our crop. This past summer, the farm suffered serious losses because of an infestation, which also happened to come right on the heels of two harsh winters. Joe’s Blues Farm Revival’s goal is to invest in extensive activities and materials to restore the health and productivity of our 2,400, 8 – 10 foot bushes, through trimming, increased amounts of organic nutrients, and bush replacement. These measures will ensure that our farm continues to operate, so we can continue to produce plentiful crops of blueberries for our expanding base of passionate customers throughout the United States.

About Those “Passionate Customers”

Joe's Blues Revival

My father, Frank, and I quickly discovered that our customers absolutely loved the taste of these sweet “jersey” and “blue crop” blueberries, which have a reputation for their natural sweetness. Blueberry lovers are turned off by the “blahberries,” as my father calls them, that are sold in most stores. To the grocer, blueberries are blueberries, but Joe’s Blues fans know better. They know what blueberries are supposed to taste like. Sampling them for the first time at our many farmers’ market appearances, customers have been referred to our blues as “Wow” and “Oh My God” berries.

About Joe’s Blues

Joe's Blues Green Leaf GuaranteeI made the decision long ago to not spray pesticides and chemicals on these beautiful, majestic, blueberry bushes. I wanted to have kids and give them a healthy start. All of us at the farm take pride in our naturally grown, raw blueberries raised and harvested in beautiful Bangor, Michigan. Our goal is to grow Joe’s Blues into the Chiquita or Dole of blueberries, but with the setbacks we’ve suffered over the past few years, we’ve seen our crop get smaller and smaller every year.  Without your help we will eventually have to shut our doors.

So please join my father and I in our quest to revive these great blueberry fields, and continue to bring what is considered the world’s healthiest food to our customers, both local and across the country. There are some great perks ranging from t-shirts and freezer bags, to bags and boxes of our signature berries, and even a magical evening at the farm. Help us preserve the tastiest blueberries ever grown. Help keep the “blues” alive and JOIN THE REVIVAL TODAY!


“Plump, sweet and awesome.

– Jim Slama, CEO of FamilyFarmed, Chicago

“Your blueberries are truly amazing. I tried them out in my morning smoothie. They have such great taste and amazing color.”

– Cid Abel, Kalamazoo

“I work at Growing Home in Chicago – we put your blueberries into our CSA this year and last, and they’re far and away the best I’ve ever had.”

– Rebecca Silverman, Evanston, IL

“My husband hates blueberries, but he loves yours!”

– Chicago customer

Please donate now and help save our farm!

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