Want to Grow Your Own Blueberries?

Joe’s Blues of Bangor is offering large, healthy  blueberry bushes for sale this spring. We’re offering both low and high bush varieties

You will be able to pick them up at four Chicago locations (Lincoln Park, Palatine, Lisle and Evanston) in late April/early May.

You’ll receive two bushes especially suited for the Chicago area with each order (for cross pollination). Joe will provide complete instructions for successfully growing them. 

High bush buyers will receive one “Blue Jay” and one “Draper” bush.  Blue Jays grow to 5 -7 feet and ripen in early July. Flavor is mild. Drapers, which reach 5 feet, ripen in late July. They are a newer variety, sweet and hearty. These are 3-4 foot bushes and will have fruit this year.


Type of Bush
Pick-Up Location

Low bush varieties work well in confined areas or in planters. Buyers will receive two “Chippewa” variety plants, which grow to 32 inches. This bush has glossy green foliage. Fruit is nickel size. They are two years old and will have some berries this year.  Root damage can occur at 6 degrees F, so they will need to be protected in winter.

Great Price of only $39 per order of two!

Includes complete instructions for successful growing. Limited availability, don’t wait.

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